Family Album


campingclements1.jpg       couple1.jpg    glamheather2c1.jpg


  1. Nice job Heather. The site is beautiful as is the family that is potrayed above. Hope you are having a great summer. Fall is creeping in slowly though. Love, Aunt Martha and Uncle Larry

  2. Beautiful website. Kerri, Brenan, Cailey, Jillian, and I are doing very well. I look forward to reading and viewing more postings. Take care. Your friend,

  3. Beautiful family! -Sarah

  4. Your family is precious and you have a beautiful testimony. From your writing I sense the depth of character formed when you see God’s love in the midst of trials. I’d like to use some of your words in my newsletter, The Christian Naturalist, for my November issue on Thankfulness. I’d be glad to send you a copy.

  5. I love you!!!!!

  6. You have a beautiful family! I love what your blog stands for. It’s all about staying true to yourself.
    Good for you!

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