Welcome! My name is Heather, I’m 37 years old, live in Northern New England, and have two beautiful daughters and a handsome son whom the Lord has granted me the awesome privilege of raising. They are ages 18 and 12, and 6 years old (thank you, Joel!) and the greatest blessing ever bestowed upon me, aside from my salvation. Single parenting was definitely a challenge (one I’m glad to say I have gotten through and am no longer handling alone), and not at all easy, but my Heavenly Father placed a wonderful group of family, and Christian brothers/sisters around me to help with this task. My greatest desire is to instill in these children a deep experiential knowledge of the One who gave His life that they might be free, and the loving bond that develops between the Father and one of His own. In short, I want them to have what I have, a deep personal relationship with Jesus Christ, my Savior.

I sing on the worship team at our  church (www.vcc4jesus.org), and Joel plays the drums. It still amazes me that God loves us enough to give us the opportunity to serve Him and the body of Christ by doing something we enjoy so much! He truly does care about the “little things!” Our fellowship, under the direction of Pastor Bob Hunt, is just growing and growing, and we’re loving watching the way a healthy body of believers relates to one another.

I was raised in a Christian home, and had God’s plan of salvation for mankind memorized probably from six years old on… I could spout off all the applicable verses for leading someone to Christ, had all the books of the Bible memorized in order, and knew all the right songs. While I had all of this “knowledge”, it wasn’t until about 13 years ago that I actually learned what it meant to allow Christ His rightful place as Lord of my life. As many adolescents do, I went through a period of rebellion. I rebelled against authority, against my parents, and against my God. I praise Jesus for parents who were faithful in their prayers for me.

I firmly cling to the verse in Proverbs that says “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Read it carefully… “when he is old”. For all of you parents with children that you have a hard time understanding, maybe even feeling like you don’t know who they are anymore, please take comfort from those words, and what my parents went through. I spent about five years of my life wandering around aimlessly, making mistake after mistake. I was pregnant at 18, married and divorced in the year following that, and lost custody of my daughter shortly after my marriage ended. I had begun drinking heavily, I was into drugs, I was promiscuous. Hardly what you’d picture for a Pastor’s kid. My parents remained faithful through all those years. They never gave up on me, and they never stopped praying, or lost faith that the Lord would bring me back. He honored their prayers and faith, and after five long years of trying to find peace in everything but the one thing I’d been taught would bring it, I placed my trust in Christ, without any doubts that it was the best decision of my life. I’ve never regretted it for a second.

I’m not saying that life got easy at that point, or had less problems, only that now I have a way to deal with the problems, and that I don’t have to go through the valleys alone. I have my Savior with me every step of the way, and I can do all things THROUGH HIM WHO GIVES ME STRENGTH. About six months after I gave my life completely to Christ, I regained custody of my daughter, remarried, and had another little girl. Unfortunately, that marriage was ended as well, on the advice of a Christian counselor. It was about a year and a half that my girls and I had been going it “alone”, but we knew that we were never really alone. Jesus was and is always right here with us, watching over us, guiding us, taking care of us, LOVING us.

I’m very happy to say that the Lord brought a wonderful man into our lives, and we were united together with the Lord in marriage on June 6th, 1999. My husband’s name is Joel, and after praying for him for over a year, he made a tearful commitment to Christ. He was baptized on Easter Sunday, and then shocked us all by dropping to one knee and proposing to me in front of our entire church family. It was a beautiful moment. Joel said that as he began his new life in Christ, and stood for that commitment, he also wanted to express his commitment to me and the girls at the same time, and felt the desire to begin our lives as one. It was a truly beautiful day, one filled with many tears of joy. The Lord has blessed me incredibly through Joel, and together we are looking forward to a life centered on Christ, and teaching “our girls” and son to answer the call to be holy, through Christ Jesus. My home has never known such love!

Joel and I run a computer sales/service business from our home. I also work for as the marketing director for a local insurance company.  I’m enjoying being back in the work force, and the flexibility of the job means that I can leave when it’s time for the children to come home from school. God’s provision is perfect!

On January 15, 2000, our daughter Jasmine was involved in a tragic accident when a candle caught the hem of her dress on fire. She suffered third degree burns over 90% of her body. The report of her miracle recovery and current updates can be found by clicking the link of the front page of our family website (here ), and an essay I wrote about the experience is here. The scope of the many ways the Lord has answered our (and YOUR) prayers for her is much too broad to explain here. Take a look at the story and I promise, you won’t leave unchanged. Jesus has touched our lives in a way that can’t be adequately described. None of us will ever be the same after this experience, and that’s evident from the daily dialogue listed there in the early days after the fire, when the doctors told us we wouldn’t know for six months if Jasmine would live or die. God is almighty and sovereign, and we thank and praise Him for saving our little girl’s life.

Jessica graduated High School this year! She is currently enrolled at Granite State College and very excited about beginning her studies! She is a beautiful young woman who also sings on the praise team at church. What a privilege to be able to serve the Lord alongside my husband AND my daughter!

After having surgery this summer, Jasmine is recovering well and anxious to begin middle school. She is interested in music, taking piano and clarinet lessons, and also is looking forward to beginning field hockey practices this year. 🙂 She is just now beginning to do some babysitting, and is very excited about that.

 Noah will be 7 in September and is growing up way too fast for this Mom.  His mind works overtime and some of the questions he poses amaze me. The one thing he knows for sure is that Jesus loves him, and I thank God for that.

Things here are exciting as we find pleasure in all of the little things, and pray that we never start taking each other or our Savior and His blessings for granted. We trust that the Lord will keep us strong as we wait upon Him for future decisions, and as we grow together as a family in Christ.

As I look back over my life, I am amazed at the way God has worked. He truly is the Grand Weaver who has created a beautiful tapestry. Sometimes from looking at the underneath things seem messy… and complicated. But as I sit here and contemplate the past twenty years, I am able to see the beauty of the intricate design… and I’m so thankful that I’m not the one holding the needle and thread.  It’s a wonderful thing to realize that He is in control.

 It’s also amazingly freeing to realize that with each new day, His mercies are new. To be reminded again and again that nothing I do or don’t do can earn His affection. He just loves me. Period. Hence the title for this blog. I have worth not because of who I am, or anything I’ve done… but simply because God loves me.  I take my identity from who I am in Christ now, and that has made all the difference in my life. I am His princess… a daughter of the King of Kings! And HE IS FAITHFUL!


  1. What a beautiful testimony. You have such a flare with words, you should be a writer. You are truly a genuine witness for Christ and a true servant of His. i know you have blessed me with your loving spirit and know the Lord is smilling down on you and yours. I love you and you certainly have come along way, “Baby”.

  2. Wow! What a cool proposal story!

    Thanks very much for linking to my blog, as well as for your comments on it.

    God bless,
    Mark Adams <

  3. Wow, I love your story!
    I hope we become bloggin’ buds!


  4. Sue,

    I hope so too! I really enjoyed your blog.. plan to return often!


  5. Heather –
    I happened on your blog this morning… you have an incredible gift with words. Your story was what I needed today. Thanks for sharing it and I thank God for blessing me in reading it this morning.
    Love, through Christ our Saviour,

  6. Wow! What a stunning testimony!! I cried tears with the heartaches and the romantic and Christ-like proposal. I thank God for YOU Heather. He made a wonderful and beautiful and gifted woman…and is still making her even more so! Thank you for sharing your testimony…it has touched a deep part of me that is SO glad that God cares to redeem each child…even me.
    Love and prayers,

  7. I have often pointed out that gap between child and old. I’ve seen this so often. Even the pastor at my church, who is the son of a pastor himself, went through the drugs and drinking stage. I actually think the kids of pastors are far more at risk than other kids, because pastors are such a target for satanic attack. Yours is a heartwarming story of God’s redemption and grace, but it’s also a good reminder that we need to be in prayer for our pastors and their families.

    But thanks so much for sharing your story. It is always wonderful to be reminded how God does lift us up and, as it relates in Ezekiel, washes off the blood and dresses us in fine linen.

    Blessings on you and yours.


  8. i love your testimony. Can you tell me where did you find in the bible that it saids that your a princess because yor father is King of kings

  9. I was linked to your site through a friend’s blogroll (Maggie). I am inspired and will definitely visit again – as a matter of fact, I’m adding you to my blogroll. I’m a new blogger, but I’m learning a little more each day. Visit me at touchofglory.wordpress.com. God Bless! Melissa H.

  10. Thank you for sharing your testimony. I too have made my share of mistakes in the past and I am so grateful that the Lord uses people like us to show His grace. Check out my testimony on my blog and I will be back to read more!
    Blessings to you,

  11. 🙂

  12. Hi, Heather,

    Could you send me your email address? I’m trying to compile a group email for the members of Women in Worship so I can more easily contact all of you if/when needed! 🙂 Thanks!

  13. I love the statement about worth at the top!
    God Bless

  14. What a beautiiful testimony anyone who reads it would want to live for a wonderful saviour. Inspiredword

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