Posted by: bellissimanh | May 26, 2016

Where is your treasure?

I spend a lot of hours at work. The majority of my week takes place at the office, earning a living. I enjoy what I do (for the most part), but honestly – if I were independently wealthy? I’d be sitting on a beach somewhere, not stuck inside at a desk. I work so I can help contribute to my family, and although we’re not millionaires, compared to most of the world, we are rich.

I’m reminded today, however, that the ground is level at the foot of the cross, and that there are more important things than building wealth.

treasure“A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches, and favor is better than silver or gold. The rich and poor meet together; the Lord is the maker of them all.” (Prov. 22:1-2)

I’m gonna get real here and tell you that when I am at work, I am all about the work. I’m all fulfilling my responsibilities as best I can so that I can develop my career and, in turn, be compensated for that. Although I’d never say it out loud, my focus is often (usually?) on building wealth instead of building a good name. My job is not simple, and I am not shy in voicing my frustration when things get challenging. I can often be heard complaining – about our software system, about not having enough time to get things done, about being on hold with one of our carriers for too long, about how I often feel more like a mother than an insurance agent. What a waste! All of that grumbling does nothing to bring glory to God.

These verses remind me that I have a choice. I can CHOOSE to have a good name. The problem is that I don’t even think about what kind of a name I’m making for myself – for HIM. My focus is so wrong. I’m thankful that God is faithful to remind me of these things so that I can keep growing into the woman He desires for me to be… the woman He created me to be. Today, I choose to focus on the bigger picture, instead of the paycheck. I choose to honor Him, instead of my selfish talk. In the end, money will have no bearing on eternity. Genuine wealth is found in what we give, not what we keep. My stock portfolio is not what’s important (sorry, Ty). What matters is investing in the lives of others and pointing them to Jesus.


  1. Hello. It is Dec. 11, 2016. I just found your post on Zephaniah 3:17 and I cannot possibly express how it soothes my soul and is exactly what I needed today. I hope you have not taken a break from writing. Have you? How do I find things you have shared??? Thank you so very much!!! pj

  2. Hi, PJ! I’m sorry – I actually have not blogged in a long time (until today!) and just saw your comment. I find I do more sharing on facebook now, than here. Feel free to look me up – Heather Aron Clement. 🙂

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