Posted by: bellissimanh | May 11, 2016

Zip it.

God has this way of speaking to me exactly what I need to hear. It’s cool (and sometimes irritating… lol). Just yesterday I snapped at someone. The circumstances were frustrating and while technically I might have been right, my attitude was all wrong. I regretted those harsh words for the rest of the day.

Fast forward to today, and my reading from Proverbs:

“The beginning of strife is like letting out water, so quit before the quarrel breaks out.” (Prov. 17:14)

Like a tiny breach in a dam, what begins as something small – an unkind word, a tiny act of resentment – can grow into a destructive disaster, releasing a torrent of contention that will be out of control. Are the things that cause me to get worked up worth the cost in my relationships and emotional energy? Rarely.

Instead of lashing out thoughtlessly, I need to take my grievances to the Lord, seeking His wisdom in dealing with conflict, and being controlled by His Spirit, rather than my emotions (tall order!)

Father, grant me a humble spirit that is quick to mend fences and plug up leads that could cause damage. I want to seek peace and pursue it. . Give me patience with others and a heart that desires to stop arguments before they start so that I can honor You and protect my relationships. Amen.

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