Posted by: bellissimanh | January 3, 2016

One Little Word – 2016 {Cultivate}

For several years now, I’ve chosen a word at the beginning of the year to focus on. It helps to ground me and give me direction as I turn the page of the calendar. I try to use a word that captures the essence of my goals through the coming twelve months. Perhaps most exciting for me is that it gives me a specific focus as I go deeper with the Lord – a specific action or characteristic that I can research in Scripture and then apply what I’ve learned to my life.

After praying, the word I have felt the Lord impress on my heart for 2016 is “cultivate.” I want this to be a season – a year – of nurturing and growing things that He would have me invest in, and letting go of things that deserve to die.

I’m sure more will come to the surface as I journey through the year, but for a start, I want to cultivate…

Gratitude – I will once again be counting to 1,000 gifts, joyfully.

Humility – I want the Lord to strip away anything in me that seeks to build ME, instead of Him, or others.

Relationships – I want to deepen my relationships… with my church family, with my biological family, with my colleagues at work.

Forgiveness – I don’t want to hang on to grudges and harbor resentment in my heart. I want to learn to let things go.

Knowledge – I want to grow in wisdom, first and foremost, as respects God and His Word. Secondly, I will continue working toward my degree. In addition, I will be pursuing education specifically related to my insurance background. But that’s not all… I want to keep learning, in every aspect of life… from my hobbies to the really important stuff.

Healthy Habits – I come into this new year less fit (physically) than I have ever been. This is keeping me from enjoying the life God has from me fully. I want to be here for my family, and able to serve them as they deserve – and if that’s the case, something needs to change. I need to change.

Romance – I want to create an environment in which my husband knows beyond the shadow of a doubt how loved and appreciated he is. I want to be a better wife and help mate for him. I want to make our home a sanctuary that he loves to be in.

Motherhood – time is slipping away, so quickly. Days become months, which rapidly turn to years. Before I know it, all of my children will be away from me and on their own. I pray that I will make the most of the moments I have with them… that I will find ways to lead without lecturing, to love in every circumstance, to live a life worth emulating, and to have true, honest discussions – even about the hard stuff – and to use those conversations as a place of grace, an opportunity to show my children the love of Christ.

My Walk – I want to thrive in my relationship with the Lord. I want to grow closer to Him… to know Him more, to love Him better.

In keeping with my one little word, I have chosen a theme verse for the year:

“Sow righteousness for yourselves
and reap faithful love;
break up your unplowed ground.
It is time to seek the Lord
until He comes and sends righteousness
on you like the rain.” Hosea 10:12

Do you have a word for 2016? I’d love to hear what it is. ❤



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