Posted by: bellissimanh | June 9, 2014

To Jasmine with Love, on her Graduation

jazzyTo Jasmine, With Love

My precious girl, I’m at a loss to find the words to say
Exactly how your mama feels on this, your special day.
The years have flown by quickly, I can’t believe we’re here.
I know that you’ll forgive me for shedding a few tears.

You have a thing for fashion, of this we’re all aware.
The coolest clothes, the makeup queen, and of course (of course!) the hair.
This love for music, tell me please… where did that come from?
But seriously, getting to sing with you is something I truly love.

You have such a heart for others, it’s always been your way
To love those who are hurting and brighten up their day.
From children in the hospital to friends who feel alone,
You’ve always seemed to find a way to make them feel at home.

I doubt you fully realize the impact you have made
On those who’ve shared this life with you, whether for years, or months, or days.

You throw yourself wholeheartedly into everything you do.
And that passion, I know, will serve you well, whatever this life leads you to.
Please don’t fret that you’re still not sure of just what that might be.
Your Father God will lead you through. He has great things planned, you’ll see!

This life has thrown you challenges that none should have to face,
And with each one I’ve watched you grow, in courage, strength and grace.
What others see as obstacles you view as from above.
They see the scars and think “how hard”, but for you, they’re marks of love.

They’re reminders of all God’s brought you through, evidence of His healing power,
A token of just how faithful He is when we trust Him hour by hour.

I can’t express how proud I am of the woman you’ve become.
You’re beautiful, smart, strong and FIERCE. That’s a whole lot of awesome in one!
It’s all part of the package that is uniquely you,
But as a Mama what my heart loves best is seeing Christ shine through.

I’ve watched your grow in your walk with Him, seen your faith become your own…
And this? This is the stuff that matters: living for His renown.
Take His hand, step forward in faith, and in Jesus alone make your boast.
Don’t ever forget to Whom you belong, and Who loves you best, and most.

Love, Mama


  1. What a beautiful birthday post for J. I hope she has a wonderful day.

  2. I love this ❤

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