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I’m not sure how I feel about this whole #shesharestruth thing. First of all, I feel like that’s what we’ve been doing all along. I learn so much from reading the thoughts of my sisters in Christ, and I love growing alongside you all as the Holy Spirit whispers to each of us, and we in turn allow that to spill out into one another’s lives.  Secondly, I really enjoy putting pen to paper (instead of fingers to keyboard), so this is different (and truth be told, I’ve still written the Psalm out in my journal – cuz that’s how I roll).

Still… here I am. J Today’s reading was Psalm 130. In this season of Lent, as I remember the sacrifice my Savior made for me, the words of this passage ring loudly as a church bell:

psalm 130

I know how dark and ugly my heart can be. I know the sin that lurks there. I know that if it were up to me to earn His favor, I’d be struck down in a heartbeat. Ah, “but” – and this is a HUGE “but” – “there is forgiveness with You.”

(It’s ok, you can breathe a deep sigh of relief here – I did).

“The Lord our God is merciful and forgiving, even though we have rebelled against Him…” (Daniel 9:9) He is forgiving and good, abounding in love to all who call to Him (Psalm 86:5). There is no longer condemnation for those who are in Christ (Romans 8:1). This truly is GOOD news!

The next part of that verse is what really sank into my heart, though: “…that You may be feared.”

See, knowing that I’ve been pardoned should evoke something in me more than just relief or gratitude. It should also produce filial fear and love. It should bring me to my knees in awe of who He is (particularly compared with who *I* am!) and fill me with a reverence for Him. I think it’s comforting to us to think of God as our friend. We bring this laser focus onto how intimate and personal and loving He is, and while He is those things, He is so much more.

He is awesome. Holy. Just. Majestic. Righteous. Almighty.

My prayer today is that I won’t get so caught up in the nearness of my God that I forget that He is altogether otherly and set apart from me. He cannot be tucked inside any box of my own making, and I should stop trying to put Him there. I was made in His image, not the other way around. I don’t want to be flippant with Him, or overly casual.

Are there times I need to draw close to my Abba Father and feel His loving embrace? Absolutely. But there is also a time to bow down in awe of Him and give Him the absolute and utter respect He deserves. I don’t want to be guilty of a shallow view of His holiness. He deserves so much better than that.

Father, thank You for loving me. Thank You for walking the way of suffering so that I could be set free from sin. I love You so much for that, and more. But today I want to thank You also for being a God worthy of my awe and adoration. Worthy of my respect. Worthy of my fear and reverence. I wouldn’t want a God small enough to be fit into my pocket or manipulated by my selfish heart. Thank You for being so far outside the realm of my comprehension that I am reminded every day that You are God, and I am not.



  1. What a beautiful prayer. I don’t think I’m ever specifically thankful that God cannot be manipulated by my longings. What an intense truth.

  2. “My prayer today is that I won’t get so caught up in the nearness of my God that I forget that He is altogether otherly and set apart from me.”

    Thank you for this reminder! So true, but sometimes forgotten. God bless.

  3. Can I just applaud you here? I shied away from that verse due to an inability to put my thoughts into words. Thank you my friend for untangling the mess of my jumbled thoughts and phrases. You’re words were perfect – poetic yet poignant. God bless you sweet lady…

  4. Erin – have you ever heard the song “Small” by JJ Heller? It has become a prayer of mine… 🙂

    Debbie – blessings, friend!

    StitchedbyGod – thank you so much!

  5. Love this!!! I’m a paper & pen kinda gal too.:-)

  6. I really liked the project, but it was definitely weird typing it all out. I’m also a journal and pencil kind of girl 😉

  7. I haven’t done She Reads Truth in a while, had some local studies start back up. But, i did enjoy it in seasons where being connected with others was a blessing. I love the connections online, seeing others trudging alone through study, artful expressions of the word on Instagram. It reminds me that Bible study should be a beautiful thing we invest ourselves fully in, saturate in, and spill over with. It’s not just a mechanical thing to check off our list,but about edifying, encouraging, sharing, growing, and taking time. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I was glad to see them when I logged onto wordpress, which I don’t often do these days! : )

  8. ((((((Maggie))))))))! How ARE you, my friend? So nice to hear from you! 🙂

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