Posted by: bellissimanh | February 23, 2011

A Tale of Two Men

The story is told of two men, side by side.
One, a good Jew, by the law did abide.
The other, a sinner, a collector of taxes…
Considered the scum of the earth by the masses.
Both came to the temple to pray.
One, full of pride, lots of words he did say:
“I’m thankful that I’m not like HIM” he cried out,
And then his accomplishments he began to tout.
Then came the other man’s turn at the altar.
He searched for words, and seemed to falter
Until, overcome by his sin and his shame
He beat on his breast and loudly proclaimed,
“Oh God, I’m a sinner! Have mercy on me!”
With tears of repentance, he fell to his knees.
Which man went away, right before God?
The “good” one? The one who did right on this sod?
No, I tell you, the other was saved.
Aware of his sin, in search of grace.
He who lifts himself up will be humbled, it’s true,
And the one who comes low will receive his due.
The Lord will exalt those who truly repent.
Which man will you have been, when your days are spent?


Father, all of my righteous deeds are as filthy rags before You. There is nothing I could ever do to earn Your love or Your forgiveness. Thank You for making me sensitive to the sin in my life… for drawing me close and reminding me that You came to die for one such as I. Strip away any self-righteous attitudes that seek to take up residence in my heart. Empty me of myself and make me a vessel that You can fill with Your Holy Spirit. My life is at Your disposal. Open my eyes to the ways You want to use me today… to the people You long to love on through me. Give me grace, Lord, and help me give it to others too.



  1. Amen! Hope you are having a blessed week. Nicky

  2. I really loved running across your blog. Beautiful post!

  3. Thank you both! 🙂 God bless you!

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