Posted by: bellissimanh | October 5, 2010

do you know who i am?

I was so excited to get my hands on a copy of Angela Thomas’ new book, do you know who i am? (and other brave questions women ask), and it certainly did not disappoint!


In this new offering from Angela, thoughtful questions are posed to the Lord…

“Do You know that I’m lonely?” 

“Do You know that I’m disappointed?”

“Do You know that I’m worn out?”


…and many more. With each question, the answer is a resounding “YES.” Not only does God know how I feel, He is the only One who can meet my needs in a soul satisfying way.

I have to confess that as I glanced over the chapter titles I thought to myself, “There are a few here I can relate to…”, but as I made my way through the book, I realized that for each and every question, something deep within me echoed in response to it… “Yes, Lord… that’s me!”

Angela’s passion spills forth from every page… passion for her Savior, but also passion for each woman who will pick up her story and listen. She writes with such honesty and authenticity at times I felt as though I was eavesdropping, and then I would remember that she intends for me to read this. She shares these truths of the great I AM not from mere study (although there’s plenty of that here too), but from places of intimate personal experience, and she invites me to enter that place where she communed with her God and He whispered sweet assurance to her weary frame. And reminds me that He’s MY God too.

Let me leave you with just a few (totally random) quotes. I truthfully hope they find you rushing to your nearest bookstore (or this week, to grab your own copy of Angela’s book.

“Being worthy is God’s nature. Living worthy is our calling.”
“As much as pain makes us want to retreat and hide, Paul says we’re supposed to receive the mercy of God’s comfort and then turn toward a hurting world with all that has been given us [2 Cor. 1:4]. Good grief. A selflessness right in the middle of great suffering. It’s just like God to say, ‘Use your suffering to help someone else. Take the truth of My character to those who are hurting.’ And then He gives us the grace to make it happen.”
“Sufficient grace means that my weakness will become the backdrop for God’s power. And so my weakness must be known, in order for God’s glory to be seen. And there is great humility in showing my weakness.”
“Choosing sin is like bowing down at the altar you have built for yourself. If there is sin in your life, something dies in its presence. Being free of sin gives life and all its blessing.”


On some level, we ALL have insecurities and times when we wonder, “Father, do You know…?” Let Him answer the cry of your heart with a question of His own: “Do you know who I AM?”


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