Posted by: bellissimanh | September 21, 2010

Whose Will Be Done?


I am thrilled beyond measure that my Thursday girls and I have started Beth Moore’s study “Esther: It’s Tough Being a Woman” this week! It’s so good to be back together again after a long summer break, but also to be feasting on God’s Word in a concentrated way… not merely tasting, but really sinking our teeth in and taking huge bites. Spend focused time devouring the Word of God and I promise you, you will never come away empty! 🙂

The nugget that I’ve been chewing on this week (and there are so many to be had!) is this: 

“Oddly, the most freeing thing we can ever do is to abdicate the throne of our own miniature kingdoms. Our status is infinitely higher as a servant in God’s kingdom than a ruler in ours.”

Is that not SO true? How often have I played the petulant child, insisting on having things my way and acting as though the world revolves around me? More than I care to remember. Although I think remembering is good, because it sheds a light on my selfish attitude and helps me see the foolishness of that line of thinking. It’s like the mom who recorded her daughter’s whining and played it back for her later. Sometimes we don’t even realize how pathetic we sound until the Lord reveals it to us… but it’s only in facing that — let’s call it what it is — SIN that I can experience freedom from it.

Anything I cherish more than the Lord has become an idol to me. It could be my family. It could be my job. It could be football (ouch!) Here me now… it could be MINISTRY. Whatever it is, if it has become more important to me than GOD’S will for me… He WILL deal with it.

Try this exercise on for size… read Psalm 96:4-6 and write it in your own words. Here’s mine:

My Lord is amazing and worthy of praise;

He puts every other idol to shame!

Give Him His due, for He created all things.

Bring Him majesty and honor – fear the King.

Beauty and strength His house adorn;

I will worship the King – Jesus, my Lord!


There is a throne in heaven… and I’M NOT ON IT. Aren’t you glad? I know I am!



  1. I did that study last year. You’re going to love it!

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