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We’re working our way through “The Truth Project” during our Wednesday night Bible Study. Dr. Del Tackett is leading us through a journey of just what it means to have a biblical worldview, and so far, the trip has been thought provoking and exciting. Developed by Focus on the Family, this series of teachings is inspiring us to look at our impact on the world around us. Do our lives have eternal significance here on planet earth? They should!

In my tabernacle study today, this quote screamed at me: “To be called to a generation [and Scripture makes it clear that before the foundations of the earth, we were called to be His, and He prepared works for us to do] means we have to be relevant in it.” At the core (to me, anyway), that’s what The Truth Project is all about. Recognizing that we are here for a purpose, and that purpose is to glorify God and make a difference in this crazy world for Him. Guess He wants me to get this, huh?

Last night we talked about transformation. Romans 12:2 says this:

 “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.”

 The word for transformed is “metamorphoo”, has the basic meaning of changing into another form. It’s not a superficial fluctuation of fashion or conduct, but a vital change, revealing a new life. Think butterfly… and it’s metamorphosis. Growing up we used to sing a song called “Bullfrogs & Butterflies”. Ever heard it? The major line of the chorus was “bullfrogs & butterflies… they’ve both been born again.” This concept wasn’t new to me. But some of the details that were brought out through our discussions last night were.

Like this… the caterpillar has to enter that cocoon to experience transformation. It has to be shut off from the world, as it knew it, and then it undergoes this incredible change. One of our homeschooling dads pointed out that it literally becomes this mushy thing inside the cocoon. It doesn’t even remotely resemble what it was before… it’s just a blob of goo, which then becomes the butterfly.

When I come to Christ, there is a moment in time when everything I have known has to be left behind. He brings such newness of life and something so drastically different from anything I’ve known before… and I have to be willing to turn my back on the familiar and enter this cocoon of His making, whatever it looks like for me, so that He can have His way with me. I can’t cling to my old rigid form, but must allow myself to be reduced to a substance that is pliable, moldable… much like the blob the caterpillar must become before it can reach its full potential as a butterfly… before it can reach the point where it can be all the Lord created it to be.

butterfly_005butterflae.jpg image by revmyspace2

My guess is that the caterpillar never expected to be able to soar through the air. It probably resented being confined in the cocoon, and experienced the changes to its body with a mixture of fear and wonder. Kind of like me, as I watch the Lord bring circumstances into my life that seem so difficult, and unlike anything I would have chosen for myself (or my loved ones – cancer, anyone?) Yet I have the advantage of knowing the One who is at work. I trust Him. And while the process may be bothersome, and painful, and even HARD… and I watch with a mixture of fear and wonder at what the Lord is doing in my life, I know with all my heart that He is watching out for me. Past experience has taught me that He will bring about a change in me that goes beyond anything I could have imagined… that He will give me the ability to soar through the storms and that He will create something beautiful that I never could have imagined up for myself. His dreams for me are so much bigger than my own. I’m thankful.

Here’s to waiting on the Lord, and, as my strength is exchanged for His, to soaring on eagle’s wings.

Carried along by His Spirit,


  1. Heather,

    Beautiful post. I love the butterfly picture. Greg and I are considering doing The Truth Project. I’ve always wanted to and so we may start it in December.

    I think that only heaven will truly reveal all the metamorphoses that the Lord has done in our lives. He is truly making us into new creations.


  2. Hi. I’m not sure if you still right blogs on here, but your story is truly amazing. When I see God working so constant in someones life I get this beautiful feeling inside of me that is indescribable. First off, your testimony showed so much strength in your life that you have receieved from our Lord.. and then the one that touched me that most was the story of “I AM- Beautiful”. I am like you, I don’t like compliments I want to give it all too the Lord, and you just taught me so much more then I could ever imagine. Thank you again. I pray that God’s presence is so persistent and so forceful in your life that you could never imagine escaping from Him. I Love you sister in Christ!

  3. Wondering if I could use the butterfly image for my new book called ‘Dying Church, Rising Body.” The theme is discipling people through spiritual gifts to grow the Body of Christ as opposed to making them members of institutional forms most of which seem to be languishing. It is a self-publishing effort through Authorhouse. I’ve done four books with them already. Really like that image. >Harald K. Haugan

  4. Harold, I don’t hold the rights to the image. It’s something I found on the net (don’t even know where). If you do a google image search for “butterfly”, hopefully you’ll find it — and it’s rightful owner. Sorry I couldnt’ be more help. God bless you!

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