Posted by: bellissimanh | September 22, 2009

The Sweet Life

Before you start envisioning a couple of toe-headed twin boys, this post has nothing to do with Zach and Cody. 🙂

I mentioned here that we’re working on a woman’s retreat for the ladies at church. It’s called “The Sweet Life Cafe”, and is all about savoring the Bread of Life. The posters for the retreat came in and they were filled with pictures of women… but we thought it strange to put pictures of women we’d never seen on the posters, so my daughter Jessica volunteered to help out by snapping a few shots of us to put on our own posters. 🙂

We gathered around, and tried different poses — which all felt really awkward! It is SO hard to “act natural” while someone’s pointing a camera at you!  Someone suggested we take a picture praying, and so we grabbed hands, closed our eyes, and “posed”… but it was just too weird. Almost immediately, we began to REALLY pray… for the preparations and for all the ladies who will attend the retreat. It was a sweet, sweet time… and wouldn’t ya know… the best shots came from those moments of sincere intercession, rather than the ones where we were trying to frame the perfect shots. 🙂

I was so impressed with the way Jessica worked with the pics that I had to share a few with you. She has such talent!  I tried to put them in a smilebox presentation, but since I’ve never used it before and I’m running late for work, you’ll have to just take them plain and simple.

If you live in the area, make sure you set aside time to join us at The Sweet Life Cafe!! October 23-24, at Judy’s house! If you’d like more information, drop me an email or a message on facebook. I’ll be glad to answer any questions you might have! I can’t wait to enjoy this special time of friendship, fellowship and feasting on the Word with you!





faded prayer

 Picnik collage



  1. This is precious and powerful! May God bless you all and your retreat with delights and may He do the unexpected!

  2. I love the pictures – especially the one of all the hands. Sweet indeed!

  3. What sweet pics!! I pray that the Holy Spirit will show up in a mighty way for your ladies event. I’m sure He has something very special planned for you!!


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