Posted by: bellissimanh | March 24, 2009

From My Heart to His – Psalm 119:65-68

You have dealt well with Your servant,
         O LORD, according to Your word.

Father, You are so good. So righteous. So holy. So JUST. Thank You for Your Word and what it means in my life. You have given so many loving instructions, and if I will but follow them and obey Your Truth, You deal well with me. You keep Your promises as no other, Lord. You are steadfast and true, and your faithfulness reaches from generation to generation. How I love that about You! You are the one thing in my life that is constant and unchanging. When all around me seems to be shifting, You remain the anchor of my life. Yes, You have dealt well with me, Your servant, as You have promised in Your word. Make me more like You.

Teach me good judgment and knowledge,
         For I believe Your commandments.

I do believe Your word, Father. Over and over again in my life You have proven it to be true and trustworthy. As I meditate on Your precepts and think about Your Truth, train me up in Jesus. How I long to have good judgment… to have the mind of Christ. I want to respond to situations the same way Jesus would.  I want to reflect Your glory to this world around me, making sound decisions that are rooted in knowledge — not worldly knowledge, but YOUR knowledge. As I come to this beautiful love letter You have given me each day, feed me with Your statutes, Your commandments, Your testimonies. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit. Renew my mind and transform me into the image of Your Son. Let others speak well of me because they see You in me. Cultivate in me a teachable spirit, Lord… one that is eager to hear what You have to say, and then just as eager to obey. Instruct me in righteousness, Father.

Before I was afflicted I went astray,
         But now I keep Your word.

Oh Lord, thank You for reminding me through our Patriarchs study that some lessons cannot be learned in the classroom, but require a fieldtrip.  We’ve been on some fieldtrips, haven’t we, Lord? Thank You for being sovereign over my life. Thank You for loving me enough to allow me to stumble and fall, but faithful enough to see that I rise following each slip. As I look back over the course of my life, there have been some tough times, Lord… hard times. I see periods of affliction, and yet I know that You have used it all to bring me to the place I am today. Reflecting over choices made and turns taken over the years, I am a woman humbled. The passing of time has only served to make me even more aware of how in need of You I am…. how wretched and lost I am without You. Those times of affliction, Lord… they have brought me to a place of recognizing Your Word as the ultimate authority in my life, and of knowing — not just thinking, but KNOWING — that there is joy to be found in obedience… even when it’s hard and seems to go against the grain. Thank You for Your patience, Lord… thank You for being faithful, especially when I’m not… and thank You for continuing to teach me to keep Your Word.

You are good, and do good;
         Teach me Your statutes.

It’s all a process, isn’t it? You reveal Yourself to me… Your goodness, the actions that flow from Your loving heart… and then You bring further enlightenment and further direction. How I love the way You bring those things together! Each time I learn something new about Your character, or how You have responded with mercy and grace to others who have gone before me, I am motivated to know and follow hard after You… to seek You in the stillness, yes… but also to seek You in the busy-ness of everyday life. Each moment has Your fingerprints all over it… each step is a chance to learn from You. Thank You for this continuing education, Lord. I desire nothing more than to draw near to You and learn from You. Teach me Your statutes, Father.



  1. “. . . continuing education.” It makes me wonder how many people actually have Ph.D.’s in godliness without ever entering a university. In that regards, perhaps I’m still working on my Bachelor’s. BUT, it is a process of continuing education. Good thoughts. Thanks.



  2. I have been on me some field trips, let me tell you. I am so thankful that God doesn’t SEND us on fieldtrips, but rather He willingly goes with us. He simply wants us to learn the lesson we need to learn and He is willing to teach us in whatever manner it takes.


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