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Spectacular Sins – The Sale of Joseph & the Son of God

Spectacular Sins Book Club
Chapter Six



I am so jazzed with this book and the way the Lord lines up the things in my life to speak to me.  I’ve had this CD playing in my car for the past couple of weeks… it’s the “Patriarchs” worship CD that goes along with Beth Moore’s study (my group started it last week). It’s no coincidence that this song is included on the CD, or that the Lord orchestrated the timing so I would be listening to it the very week Mr. Piper takes a look at Joseph… 🙂

“For Good”

He was the younger son… who could have known he would wear a crown?
The dreamer dreamed… and his brothers schemed to take him down.
But Joseph trusted on as one by one the trials came and made him strong.
When the moment came that God ordained, He raised the man.
His heart was pure, for he was sure… it was all God’s plan.
And Joseph could forgive and let his brothers live…
For what they meant for evil, God had meant….

For good, for good.
God takes the circumstances
And works them out like only He could, for good.
He puts it all together
Just the way a loving Father would, for good.
So keep on trusting that God is working for good.

So when life seems hard… and the place you are feels cold and dark,
When old memories… drive you to your knees, God sees your scars.
That’s when He reaches down and pulls you out…
You will stand in His power and sing again….

For good, for good.
God takes the circumstances
And works them out like only He could, for good.
He puts it all together
Just the way a loving Father would, for good.
So keep on trusting that God is working for good.

So when your heart is broken
God gives the grace to endure
He’ll use the broken pieces
To make a stronger heart that is sure…

For good, for good.
God takes the circumstances
And works them out like only He could, for good.
He puts it all together
Just the way a loving Father would, for good.
So keep on trusting that God is working for good.

This week’s chapter was about Joseph and how even in the evil done to him by his brothers, God was sovereign. Here are some of my favorite quotes from this week’s reading…

“The brothers meant the sale of Joseph for evil, but God meant it for good. Notice it does not say that God USED their evil for good after they meant it for evil. It says that in the very act of evil, there were two different designs: In the sinful act, THEY were designing evil, and in the same sinful act, GOD was designing good.”

And then this… Because of the evil perpetrated against him,  Joseph was in a position to be used by God to spare his family during the famine, including Judah — from whom would come the Messiah. I love this next part!

“The most magnificent thing about the Lion of the tribe of Judah in his fulfillment of Jacob’s prophecy is that he lays claim on teh obedience of all the peoples of the world not by exploiting our guilt and crushing us into submission, but by bearing our guilt and freeing us to love him and praise him and obey him with joy forever.”

Ok…. now that I’ve got that out of my system, on to the questions. 🙂

Looking back, describe an event that was both intended as evil and good. Are you allowing God’s purposes to prevail or have you been content in accepting the evil consequences? Explain.

Like Xandra, I think it’s probably better to link to the description of this event in my life (I’d take up way too much space here!). In short, nearly losing a child was something I believe the enemy was hoping would destroy my faith and my testimony, but instead, the Lord intended to use it to not only draw me into deeper fellowship with Himself, but also to serve as a testimony of His faithfulness for others. As a result of the internet, people all over the world were praying for my little girl… and reading my online journal (before the world of blogging really took off). Through the entries there, they were able to experience every setback, every miracle, every answered prayer… and also be witness to the transformation the Lord was working in my own heart. I believe Christ was glorified as a result of the tragedy that struck our family… and Satan was defeated. It did nothing to shake my faith, as he probably intended, but instead it deepened my understanding of my Father, and established my faith upon the firm foundation of the Rock of my salvation. Praise be to Jesus!

One thing that really resonated with me was Joseph’s faithfulness no matter what was perpetrated against him. Are we being faithful in less than desirable situations so that God can make the most of them? How are lives being preserved as a result of your experience?

Oh how I hope this is true of me, but I know that it isn’t always. We are constantly being watched… our children are watching, for sure, and learning from us… but unbelievers are also watching. They want to see what happens when our world is shaken to the core. Will we grasp tightly to the hope we have in Christ, or will it disintegrate into ashes before their eyes? Will difficult times provoke us to lashing out at others, or will the fruit of the Spirit be evident in our lives? Will we continue to praise Him with our lips as He allows catastrophe to crash into our world… or will we fall and forsake Him? They want to know if we’re for real… and there’s nothing that tests the purity of metal like a fiery inferno. Father, may I be found clinging to You with all that I am… leaning my full weight upon You, whether in good times or in bad. Make it so in my life!


  1. This was just what I needed to hear:) thanks for sharing your study! Maybe one day I will actually be able to join you;)

  2. I just love the lyrics to that song. I’m going to iTunes tonight to download that album…good stuff!


  3. I’m watching the worship channel (courtesy of the converter box ) and a young man was speaking about complaining–making comparisons between himself and others who, if they did, would have every right to moan about their lives. In between each brief message were songs. The backdrop was no glossy video of the singer, but scenes from nature. The more the song played, the better I felt.
    “For good, for good. God takes the circumstances, and works them out like only He could–for good…”
    I wondered, “Who is that? I want to learn this song” I want to hear it again.” I searched the lyrics, was led to this site, and was further encouraged by the written message.
    Blessings to you for sharing!

  4. I have to thank you for sharing these lyrics here. Someone first pointed this song out to me months ago and it was such a blessing to me, but now I’m preparing to give a testimony at a ladies conference on the 30th ~ speaking about some difficulties in my life and God kept putting this song on my heart to sing. However, it was not an easy song to find, so I was considering canning the idea of singing it.

    I stopped and asked God that if He wanted me to share it, to please help me “find” it. Minutes later, I found this blog with the lyrics here telling me where the song came from … God is good because I wouldn’t have found it had God (in my searches) not pointed me in this direction and had you not posted the words here.

    Thank you! 🙂

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