Posted by: bellissimanh | August 5, 2008

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Thank you all for the prayer support! Joel had his cardiac cath on Thursday. The doctor came out to meet with me and said that there was a 100% blockage in the artery behind Joel’s heart. Thankfully, God has designed the human body to be an amazing thing!

“I will praise You for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are Your works; that I know very well!” Psalm 139:14

Although one of the main arteries to Joel’s heart was 100% blocked, the heart had created new veins through which blood could flow, and they were taking blood to his heart. Because of this, he was never in any danger of having a heart attack!

The doctor explained that there were three options for treatment:

1. Bypass surgery – highly unlikely as they don’t like to do that for only one blockage

2. Going into the artery and trying to open up the blockage so that they could put in a stent to hold the artery open

3. Sending Joel home with medication to try to break up the cholesterol deposits in his arteries, and follow a healthy diet/exercise routine in an effort to strengthen and enlarge the new veins his heart had created, allowing for greater blood flow to the heart

After consulting with a carotid stent specialist, they opted for number 2. Friday morning they opened the blockage and put in a stent to hold the artery open. The Surgeon — Dr. Burkey — said the blockage has clearly been there for quite some time, because it was tough to get through. He had to use a tool to kind of grind away at the blockage to have room to put the stent in. Had the blockage been recent, it would have been soft and they’d have been able to slide the stent right through it. Thankfully, Maine Med has one of the best cardiac surgical teams in the country, and they breezed through the procedure.

We came home Saturday, and Joel was not only back at the drums with the Praise Team on Sunday, he was also back to work on Monday. God is so good!

We saw the Lord work in so many ways last week… I wanted to share with you just a couple of them.

*Time with Grandma and Grampa – My parents had been wanting to have the kids come and spend a couple of nights with them last week. I could only talk Noah into one night (and believe me when I say he had to be talked into even that). He’s just not big on sleeping away from home yet. The plan was for the kids to spend one night at Mom and Dad’s. We received word that Joel would be having his heart cath and probably a procedure or surgery, and Mom and Dad generously rearranged their schedule to take the kids on different days than they had been planning, and for a longer period of time than initially decided upon. Not only did they ALL have a wonderful time (I have pics to prove it!), when I told Noah that we’d be staying another night at the hospital he replied, “That’s ok… more time to fish! Besides, I haven’t even cried once yet!” I know it may not seem like a big deal, but it was a blessing to be able to sit with Joel and focus on him and not have the added worry that Noah was homesick. Thank you Mom & Dad!

* Timing is Everything – when I left Joel at the hospital on Thursday, I asked the nurse what time they were planning to take him into the OR the next day. She said 8:45. “So if I’m here by 8, I’ll make it?” She assured me I would.

I left my hotel room around 7:30am, hoping to grab a bite to eat in the breakfast room before leaving for the hospital. The place was a zoo! I quickly decided against stopping there and figured I’d grab breakfast at the hotel after Joel had gone in for his procedure.

I arrived in his room at 7:45, just as they were wheeling him out the door! I chuckled and wondered if God didn’t fill up that breakfast room Himself so I’d make it to the hospital in time to kiss Joel before he left. 🙂

* Eternal Perspective – Friday night a new patient was moved into Joel’s room. His name was Scott and he was very VERY nervous. Apparently Scott (50-something-years old) and his family are not big on organized health care and prefer Reiki treatments and the like. He had never even had a shot before and he was terrified! Joel said that as he lay there on the other side of the curtain listening to Scott’s mounting anxiety, he began to pray. Eventually he had opportunity to talk with Scott about the procedure, reassure him, and offer several times to pray for him. Scott was very appreciative.

The next day we were waiting around to get the “go-ahead” to leave and Scott was once again having a difficult time. Two or three different doctors came in to speak with him, and they even gave him some anti-anxiety medication. After the docs left, Scott’s SIL took his palm and began telling him all about his “rod of iron” and various other things she could “read” in his hand. She mumbled over things that were perplexing to her, and certainly couldn’t offer any peace or comfort to Scott, who was grasping at straws to try and make himself feel better. We wished him luck and told him we’d be praying… and he again was very appreciative.

Scott was scheduled to have his cardiac cath yesterday. Joel emailed him (wonderful feature of the hospital – you fill out a form, address it to a room number, and they will print and deliver it!) and told him he was praying for him. He told Scott that it seemed he was searching for something to place his trust in, and that he would be praying Scott would be able to put his trust in God and know that his life was in his hands. He offered to talk if Scott ever needed a shoulder, and told him again that we would continue to be in prayer for him. Now you all can pray, as well… mostly that Scott finds Jesus and learns what it’s like to have the Solid Rock in his life to lean on.

I love that God placed us in this situation. Joel and I had been praying that the Lord would give us opportunities to witness as we walked through last week and, as always, He provided. What a blessing to be used of God, even in the smallest ways, to minister to others.


Again, thank you all for your prayers! Joel is feeling great and the doctor assured me that he will be more than able to pitch a tent come Saturday afternoon. 🙂 Searsport Shores is looking better all the time!



  1. Praise God for His mercy and grace!.. So glad that Joel is doing well and that Noah enjoyed his time with g’ma and g’pa without tears!..

    Praying Joel has planted a seed for Scott to come to know Jesus

  2. God is so good! I’m glad to hear that he is feeling better…


  3. It is so amazing how the difficulties in our lives can be turned around by God to bring about such fruitfulness and good! I am praying for your husband and Scott. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Oh, Heather. I am so glad that Joel is doing well. God is faithful.

    What a wonderful testimony!

  5. Praise GOD and my heart is grateful for extended time for your family to be together!

    Praying for continued health and healing…

  6. We’ve had that experience as well. Stuart was once in a hospital room with a guy who desperately needed prayer. It’s so neat how God orchestrates these little details isn’t it?


  7. I’ve been out of the blog loop, but so glad to read this wonderful news. Thank for God’s healing!

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