Posted by: bellissimanh | June 10, 2008

As For Me and My House

As for Me and My House


And if it seems evil to you to serve the LORD, choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the River, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you dwell. But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD. (Joshua 24:15)

Serving God was not Joshua’s only option. He could have adopted the religious beliefs and practices of his family heritage in the pagan land of Egypt. He could have accepted the idolatrous religion of his neighbors in the region where he now lived. These options probably looked like easier choices than worshiping God. But Joshua had witnessed God’s faithfulness (Josh. 23:14). He was convinced that his Lord was the only true God and that serving Him would bring victory and blessing. Joshua decided to serve God alone. He was determined to teach his entire household to honor his Lord as well. He had trusted God for victory on the battlefield, and he knew that God could also give him spiritual victory in his home.

You, too, must decide whom you will serve. An assortment of popular religions clamors for your allegiance. If you come from a Christian heritage, you may choose to embrace the faith of your parents and grandparents. If you did not grow up in a Christian home, you can decide, as Joshua did, to reject your heritage of unbelief and begin a generation that serves the Lord.

If you set your mind wholeheartedly on serving God, your example will bring a tremendous blessing to your family. If you place your confidence in God, those around you will witness your faith, and they may decide to trust Him too. Choose, as Joshua did, to serve God unashamedly with all your heart, and then watch to see how God blesses your family.


How closely this ties in with the new study some of us have started in Daniel! We certainly do have a choice to make, don’t we? This world we live in has its own set of standards. The moral compass it follows is drastically different from the one God’s Word prescribes for me. It might as well be on another planet! And I suppose, in a way, it is.

I shared with the ladies in last night’s study how the Lord has really been showing me over the past couple of weeks how important it is that I be set apart from Him. He desires that I live with an eternal perspective, rather than a temporal one. He wants me to keep my focus on Him, rather than on the things this world has to offer. He has drilled that point with me through every study I’ve participated in this week – last Thursday, Sunday morning, Monday evening, and now this Blackaby devotional.

I so want to be different from this world. I want the people I interact with on a daily basis to look at me and see something odd. I want them to wonder what makes me so different. When coworkers are gossiping, I want them to feel uncomfortable doing it around me because they know it’s something I would never partake in. And yet Satan tempts me each and every day. What is it about lowered voices that causes our ear to keen – even a little – straining to hear what is clearly not intended for us?

Satan loves to use the forbidden, doesn’t he? To take something that isn’t meant for us, and use it to lure us in… to draw us in. The concept is age-old. Back in Eden, the enemy used the one thing that was off limits to Eve to entice her and cause her to sin against God. In my past, I have been tempted by the salacious. There’s just something about doing what you know you’re not supposed to do that makes it that much more exciting… how I pray for my children, in today’s society – that they would resist the devil’s attempts to draw them away from the Lord and his invitations to be held captive by the “delicacies” of this world. How I pray for myself!

Father God, help me to focus on the eternal today. Touch my eyes with Your holy hands and train them to seek after You alone. Give me spiritual blinders, Lord… don’t let my gaze be stolen by the things of this world, however enticing they may be… however good they may seem on the surface. I want to fix my eyes on You, the Author and Perfector of my faith. I want to seek after You with everything I have. I beg You to take anything that serves as a distraction from that goal and remove it from my vision. Be the voice calling out to me, “This is the way… walk in it!” Let my feet remain on the path You have ordained for me. I’m calling out to You today, Lord. Tell me great and unsearchable things I do not know… lead me in the way of the everlasting. Let me serve You alone, casting aside all other gods today. However small they may seem, anything that takes my attention from You – I want it stripped away. I love You, Lord. What a privilege and an honor it is to be called Your child! I want to lavish love upon You as You have lavished it upon me… I can’t even come close, Lord, but how I want to pour out my heart and my love to You. Everything I have is Yours, Lord… possessions, abilities, time… and my love. You are worthy of it all.



  1. Amen! We are a peculiar people, the church, the eclesia are “called out ones” – we are called out of this world…in the world but not of it… God help us all to stay and progress where He has called us.

  2. I am always amazed at the human capacity to stray from what we KNOW God would have us do (or not do!). Satan is the great deceiver, and makes it feel uncomfortable to be different from the world sometimes.

    Thanks for this post reminding me that we should be set apart in ALL areas.


  3. I love this site so much.

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