Posted by: bellissimanh | September 14, 2007

Some Things Deserve to be Retired

My initial experience with blogging began just about two years ago. My first (and only other) blog was part of a political blogging community.

Now I’ve been called a political junkie. If I’m at home working, Fox News Channel is on in the background. I enjoy following the current in Washington and I am vocal about my opinions.  All that said, I didn’t enjoy the BATTLE that went on at this particular blog site. There were the occasional snippets of daily life — stories from SAHM’s, personal tidbits, some thought provoking posts — and I enjoyed those, but after a bit I just got so tired of the anger and hatred that was commonly found spewed across my computer screen. I was tired of seeing people defend their position until tempers were flaring, all because their need to be “right” was more important than anything else, even the truth.  I found myself visiting less and less, and eventually quit stopping in there altogether. I suppose it just wasn’t a good fit for me. My goal for this past year was to become more authentic… both in my relationships with others, and with my Savior.

I didn’t even miss it. Really.

And then one day my husband came home with a bloglink. The story of how he came across the link intrigued me, and so I followed it to the internet home of Sarah Flowers. What I found there was a beautiful Christian spirit, encouraging others to know and follow hard after God. Talk about authentic! I was so refreshed by my visit to Sarah’s blog… and I began to consider blogging once again, but blogging with purpose.

Fast forward to tonight, several weeks after that first stop at Sarah’s place. Here I sit, with a new blog of my own. I have new bloggy friends, but this goes way beyond friends… these are my brothers and sisters in Christ, and when we blog… it’s not about scoring points in some political debate. It’s so much more than that!


*It’s about the incredible goodness we’ve found in our Father.

*It’s about having a place where you can proclaim Christ as Lord at the top of your lungs and find others agreeing with you, rather than trying to prove that Jesus was nothing more than a man.

*It’s about the bond we share as children of the Most High God.

*It’s the body of Christ, and growing together as we each seek to become more like Him.

*It’s about rejoicing with those who rejoice and weeping with those who weep… truly sharing burdens.

*It’s saying, “I’ll pray for you…” and then DOING it.

*It’s getting excited by what the Lord is impressing on your heart and then sharing it with others and hearing how He’s speaking to them too.

*It’s encouraging one another… daily.

*It’s about a mutual love, not for the “truth”, but for the “Truth.”

*It’s a timely Word from Scripture, just when you need it most, coming from a place you never expected.

*Most of all, it’s about seeing our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ exalted and brought glory and honor… for He alone is worthy.

I made a visit back to that old blogsite tonight. I read over a couple of threads and realized with sadness that nothing had changed. I posted a final entry  and explained that I wouldn’t be back, and why… and I described, with peace and joy in my heart, my new blogging community.

Thank you all for being part of that. For welcoming me, and for giving so much of yourselves through your blogs. Your own authenticity and passion for Christ is more of a blessing to me than you know. I’m so grateful the Lord saw it in His plan for our paths to cross.

Happy to be taking the journey with you,


Oh! A totally unrelated P.S. – if anyone can tell me how to get that annoying flickr photos thing in the sidebar to work, I’ll be eternally grateful. 🙂 



  1. Welcome!

    For the Flicker thingy, go to your dashboard, go to presentation tab, go to widget tab, on the bottom pull the widget of Flicker into the box with the other widgets in it. Then click the save button. It should be there.

    God bless,

  2. GREAT BLOG!!!! AMEN! I started this whole blog thing as an “exploratory experiment” for a ministry that I am starting. I guess I wanted to see if when I spoke about God, if people would listen. But I had failed to understand that God’s complete glory will be proclaimed with or without us and I have now hit 1,100 plus hits in a little over a week with NO promotion. God is good and he uses us in each other’s lives for good. Thank you for this blog! I will be praying for you and will check back this site frequently!
    Please check out my new blog and let me know what you think!

    tim kurek

  3. heather-i used to be into politics big time as well. guess i stopped caring because of all the constant drama and anger for nothig. shepheord and oreilly were my daily companions too. lol im so glad you feel you are blgging with a purpose now. we can encourage others in christ. how exciting. im glad the lord let us cross paths. we moved a week or so ago and comcast hasnt made it out yet. im commenting on ernies phone. m thankful for it- nothing like a 2 inch screen. lol anyways thats why i have been missing from the blog. when i read your title i thought you were quitting blgging i was bummed. im glad you arent. keep it up! -sarah

  4. Sarah,

    I wondered why you’d been so quiet!! I hope you’re up and running again soon… I’m tired of looking at the Imagination Library post and hoping to find something else! Hope your move goes smoothly, and that you all adjust.

    I knew we had a bunch in common! Love you, girl… get back soon!

  5. It’s awesome to be connected with others who are sold out for Christ:) Your thoughts and testimonies have been such an encouragement and inspiration for me. The previous blog about showing someone what it means to have an authentic relationship with Christ was really encouraging and timely. I love how God uses us to uplift one another!

    I hope to hear more from your blog:) If I don’t comment as often, I am sorry. We are getting ready to move and sell our house. It’s been insane! Anyways, when I do get a chance to sit down; it’s great to read your edifying entries:)

  6. Thanks, Gina. I enjoy your blog too!

    When are you moving? You and Sarah both, huh? I don’t envy you… except maybe getting a new house that someone else has cleaned… hehe. But moving all MY junk? Ugh.

    Stop in when you have time. I love to read your thoughts… God bless!

  7. Yes. This is exactly why I love this blogging community. It is a very encouraging environment to interact in.


  8. And perhaps that is precisely the reason I don’t blog about politics, although it is in my blood…you know? I love politics and the debates and such, but when it comes down to it…your reason to blog like Sarah is exactly why I blog.

    Blessings, new friend!

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