Posted by: bellissimanh | August 31, 2007

Who Am I?

I love this song by Casting Crowns —  have loved it since the first day I heard it, and it’s one of the few songs I have not grown tired of, regardless of how many times it’s played. I particularly love to hear my friend Mark sing it. He has a richness to his voice that is both soothing and powerful… and absolutely beautiful.

I think I love most that the basis for the song is grace. The more I experience grace from the hand of my Father, the more beautiful it becomes to me, and the more I want to learn to extend His grace to others. I’m still learning that. Some days I manage obedience, other days my ugly human self steps up and denies grace to those who need it, forgetting the abundance of grace that’s been granted to me.

Wherever you are in your quest for grace… whether you’ve experienced the fullness of the grace of God, or are wondering what it is about this elusive “grace” that causes Christians to go on and on about it… I hope you enjoy the clip below as much as I did. It’s yet another creative expression of the forgiven sinner’s response to grace.



  1. Hey Heather:) Got your site from Sarah’s blog; so I thought I would say hi and tell you that I enjoyed your post about grace. His grace truly is amazing.

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